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SliderDynamic Owner's Manual

SliderDynamic Service Manual

Warranty Claims

Warranty Claims will require your serial number, which is located on the back of your footboard. Some warranty claims may require a picture.


The SliderDynamic needs to be set exactly level for optimal performance and to prevent the moving frame from rolling more to one end of the base rail frame than the other.

Use the spirit level as a guide, sit at the finish to see if the machine is level. If you slide forward, you need to lower the rear leg, if you slide backwards, you need to raise it. Turn the knobs to the right to lower and to the left to raise. Make sure the height adjuster knobs on each side are set at the same level as one another so the weight of the Slider is evenly distributed. Once you are able to sit at the finish position without moving, your SliderDynamic is level.

If your machine is level, but you are still hitting the front or back stops, we recommend trying the one leg rowing technique or 1/2 slide rowing to get used to the SliderDynamic's Movement.


To get a good understanding of how the SliderDynamic works, row with one leg only. Place one leg on the footplate and the other on the floor outside the base frame. Use the foot placed on the floor to hold the seat position stationary relative to the floor. Then, while holding the handle, push the front of the machine away. Take a few strokes to get the rhythm and range of movement with the one leg rowing. When ready, place the other leg onto the footplate and try rowing normally.


Start at the catch, and row 1/2 slide for a few minutes, this will allow you to feel the movement of the SliderDynamic without hitting the front/rear stops. Once you have your rhythm, your seat will stay relatively stationary while the top rail slides back and forth underneath you, just as a boat would.