But  dont  take  our  word  for  it ...

"We are extremely pleased with our SliderDynamic rowers. They represent the best combination of boat feel, durability, and price point in the dynamic erg market. The superior attention to detail before and after the sale continues to confirm our confidence in the choice. The athlete experiences the full stroke volume, rhythm and acceleration equal to that of well-connected strokes on the water, and superior to that available on the static erg."

- Boston University Men's Rowing
"We love the SliderDynamic because it brings land training closer to the water. When we connect them together to row as a boat we can feel the connection as well as control of the stroke sequence."

- University of San Diego Women's Rowing
"The SliderDynamic is a 'must have' for anyone who rows outside the gym. The pickup at the catch is slack-free, allowing for more consistent pressure against the handle and feel that is closer to what you get on the water than any erg on the market. I could feel the difference in my rowing as soon as I got on the water in the Spring. "

-Michael J Cataldo, Former US National Team Rower
"We use SliderDynamic Rowers extensively. The Slider simulates the boat better than the standard erg, there's just no comparison..."

-Charlie Butt, Head Coach,
Harvard University Men's Rowing
"I've been sculling for the past 13 years and the SliderDynamic Rower is the best erg that I've been on to simulate on-water technique. No launching your weight back and forth to try to improve your erg score. Great design and well thought out. "

-Ed Kelly, Masters Sculler
"The SliderDynamic delivers the most realistic feel of any flywheel ergometer on the market. It's the best dynamic simulation of the forces at work in the boat. You will develop a superior connection to the footboard and transfer of energy to the handle, from the first instant of the catch to the last moment of the finish. As soon as you get back in the boat, you will understand what an amazing training advantage this machine provides."

- Greg Doyle - Seven-time U.S. National Champion at club, elite and masters level
"The authentic, boat-like feel of the SliderDynamic helped to maintain my training while recovering from my back injury. I especially like the sense of rhythm you get around the catch and finish; it provides a more natural feel than any other rowing machine. I would encourage all rowers to give it a try."

- Polly Swann - 2013 Rowing World Champion
"We find the SliderDynamic an invaluable part of our training program, they are the best indoor platform on which to develop our athletes technique as they encourage a stronger use of the core muscles which promotes a safer body position and more effective drive."

- Colin Greenaway, Director of Rowing, Hampton School